Mobile loyalty


Core of our mobile loyalty solutions is the bonusmagnet software suite, a centrally hosted campaign tool that allows corporations to plan and control their mobile marketing processes. In extension to our campaign tool we adapt our “white-label” apps or your already existing smartphone apps to deliver your marketing instruments, like i.e. location based coupons, leaflets, after-sales promotions, in app news or loyalty cards, to the consumer. The results of all campaigns and marketing measurements is tracked and displayed in our business intelligence tool that can be customized to your key performance indicators. We tailor the solution to your individual processes and communication needs to let you stay in touch with your final customer at the right moment in time. Through open APIs we establish neat less integration i.e. in your data warehouse or Point-of-Sale system. A solution similar to the one in the following price-winner video below [German] could be yours:


 Our smartphone apps

bonusmagnet app… are delivering customized, location based content to the consumer. No matter what direct marketing medium you used in the offline world – we digitize it and bring it to the mobile channel. Besides the delivery of content, our apps use standard tracking techniques to get relevant feedback for the marketing department and adapt your campaigns to achieve better results within seconds.


  • Direct and interactive channel to reach new customers and loyal users
  • Up- & cross-selling potential: Reach larger shopping baskets, higher ticket-values and raise purchase frequency
  • Multitude of marketing instruments: location based (VIP-) coupons, leaflets, loyalty cards, in app news, after sales promotions and many more features)
  • In native Android, iOS and Windows Phone development since 2010 (Version 4.x)
  • Modular setup offers future developments and extensions
  • Higher redemption rates through location based/targeted campaigns
  • Reach out to new target groups by using integrated social media channels


 Our campaign tool

Campaigntool bonusmagnetOur campaign tool is the central administration point to host merchants, shops, campaigns, coupons and more. Here you can integrate single retail locations, activate campaigns, create and adapt marketing instruments like coupons or leaflets and get an instant overview of the performance of your campaign. It differs your role with regards to rights given beforehand by a “superuser” or defines the E-Mail notifications one gets, to overview i.e. campaigns waiting to be verified and activated.


  • International solution for companies with many shops/countries
  • General administration of campaigns, coupons, loyalty cards, news etc.
  • Preview functions based on iPhone view
  • Supports alphanumeric and common 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Built for easy data exchange with standard POS systems
  • Role model allows for specific user rights (int./national/local manager)
  • Approval system via email before going-live (Four eye principal)


Our business intelligence & reporting

reportingtoolEver wondered whether a print coupon was really sent through snail mail to the postbox of the consumers household, taken, opened, put in the wallet, handed over to the cashier and got cleared afterwards? The whole process from i.e. a mobile coupon creation to delivery, transaction and clearing @ the point-of-sale system can be tracked in the bonusmagnet world. The business inteligence tool offers a beautiful dashboard for your information right at a certain moment in time with customized historic or ad-hoc data to give you great customer insights.


  • Integration in POS delivers smooth check-out and transaction based results
  • Realtime reporting offers direct adaption and optimization of campaigns
  • Customized to your special KPI needs: App downloads per mobile OS, use of loyaltycard, delivery, detail view or transaction of a coupon
  • Top rankings for i.e. campaign, coupon, leaflet, loyaltycard
  • Reports can be rendered and send on demand in common file types
  • Purchase behaviour analytics offer great customer insights